At the Queens Head Inn, we offer a great range of real ales, so you’re bound to find a drink you love!

Our selection includes…

Sharp's Doom Bar

Sharp’s Doom Bar

Inspired by a notorious sandbank near the home of Sharp’s, Doom Bar is an amber ale whose moreish appeal comes from its perfect consistency and balance. So it’s no surprise that Doom Bar is now the UK’s best selling cask beer. Fall in love with Doom Bar’s enticing aroma of sweet malt, gentle roasted notes and resinous hop, and enjoy the balanced yet complex feel of lightly roasted malt, delicious dried fruit and subtly assertive bitterness. All of this, with a dry, refreshing finish.

Bass Ale


Bass has been brewed in Burton-on-Trent since 1777, back when porters and dark stouts were the most popular beers. However, Bass founder William Bass decided to take a leaf from the book of London brewer Hodgson and make a beer which was paler in colour. As it turned out, the Trent waters were perfect for his new, hoppy ale, and it wasn’t long before other brewers rushed to join him in the production of the now popular Pale Ale. While the brewery has changed over the years, the version of Bass called “Our Finest Ale” is now the tastiest version which is closest to the original Bass Ale. This is the Ale we have chosen to offer in the Queens Head.

Otter Ale

Otter Ale

Otter Ale is the beer that started Otter on their brewing journey, and it’s a masterpiece. Otter believe that it’s important that a premium beer’s alcohol content is high enough to balance perfectly with its aroma and flavour. For this reason, their Otter Ale is a perfectly balanced beer which offers flavours of fruit, bitterness and floor malted barley, with a nose of fruit and malt. Truly a drink to be proud of.

Exmoor Gold

Exmoor Gold

Exmoor believe that an ale’s appearance is vital when it comes to choosing your drink, and they took this into account in 1986 as they began production on the very first modern Golden Ale. This ale was Exmoor Gold,a single-malt beer which came in the colour of Carling or Chardonnay, sparkling in the glass to allure both lager and ale drinkers. Exmoor Gold boasts fresh, fruity flavours with a soft malty centre.

Sharp's Atlantic

Sharp’s Atlantic

Returning once again to Sharp’s Brewery, the modern pale ale Atlantic has been carefully brewed to show off only the best attributes of their ingredients. These include succulence from citrus and tropical fruits, new world hops and two types of malt. Combined with Sharp’s trademark balance and complexity, the result is a gloriously refreshing pale ale. Hitting the glass with a deep golden colour, Atlantic starts off sweet before slowly becoming dry, lingering at last with hop zest.

St. Austell Tribute

St. Austell Tribute

Tribute is a favourite ale throughout South West England, and is one of the fastest growing premium cask ale brands in the UK. This is the beer of South West sport, loved by publicans and customers alike for its zesty grapefruit and orange flavours and biscuit malt. A hoppy, light Cornish classic.